What is Microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure intended to improve the appearance of thin or light-colored eyebrows. Also called “microstroking” and “feather-touch,” the process involves making a series of tiny cuts in the eyebrow skin, into which pigment is then injected.

Hundreds of micro-cuts are made during the procedure, crafting a feathered texture that looks like natural eyebrow hair. Unlike eyebrow tattooing, the effects of a microblading treatment are semi-permanent, lasting from one to three years.

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MicrobLading: What to Expect

Before your procedure, your technician will apply a facial numbing cream, which will take about thirty minutes to begin working. Once the topical anesthetic takes effect, your technician will use a pen-like tool to start making tiny incisions into the skin of the eyebrows and applying pigment.

Because of the facial anesthetic used, microblading is less painful than tattooing. Still, some discomfort and even pain may be expected.

MicrobLading Aftercare

Immediately following your microblading procedure, it is normal for the pigment used to appear darker than your desired result and for your eyebrow skin to be red.

About an hour after the procedure, wet a cotton swab with sterilized water and run it gently over your brows. Doing so will remove any excess dye and keep the affected area clean and sterile.

It usually takes a week or two for the pigment to begin to fade and for the skin beneath to start healing.

In order to get the best results from your treatment, and to reduce the likelihood of complications like an infection:

  • Don’t get your eyebrows wet
  • Avoid itching or tugging at your eyebrows
  • Don’t wear makeup for at least a week to give pigment time to settle
  • Don’t wear your hair close to your browline
  • Use any medicated creams as directed
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Preparing For YOur MicrobLading Treatment

While microblading treatments can be mildly painful, there are ways to prepare that may reduce your levels of discomfort. It’s recommended you abstain from alcohol and caffeine on the day of your treatment. Also, you should avoid tanning or sunbathing for a week or so before the procedure.

If you’re taking retinol (vitamin A), you should stop at least one month before your microblading treatment. Don’t wax or pluck your eyebrows for a few days before. Finally, don’t use any chemical peels or laser treatments before your microblading session.

Microblading Vs. PERMANENT Makeup

Microblading uses less pigmentation than eyebrow tattooing and fades faster. Using sunscreen may slow the fading process, but you’ll likely need to have the procedure repeated every three years to maintain desired results.

Most people opt to have a touch-up done at around the eighteen-month mark. At this time, your technician will attend to the outline of the brows and any areas in need of special attention.

Are there any SIDE AFFECTS from MicrobLading?

While relatively rare, irritation and even allergic reaction resulting from the treatment can sometimes cause infection. Left untreated, infection in the eyebrows can be potentially severe or even deadly, as it can enter the bloodstream and affect the eyes or even the brain.

Look for signs of infection in the days following your microblading treatment. As mentioned above, some minor pain and irritation are to be expected. Anything more significant than minor pain could be a sign of infection.

Excessive redness may also be an indicator of infection. Yellowish pus discharge from the eyebrow is a sure sign of infection, and you should contact your doctor immediately. See a doctor if your eyebrows continue to scab two weeks after the procedure.

The best way to reduce the risk of infection following a microblading procedure is to do just the littlest bit of homework on your technician. If you live in a state that requires certification to perform the procedure, are they licensed, and is that license current?

MicrobLading Pricing

The price of a microblading treatment can vary widely depending on geography and other factors. Fees range from two-hundred-fifty to as much as two-thousand dollars per session. The average cost of a microblading procedure in the United States is six hundred dollars.

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